Workplace Big 5 Assessment

Workplace Big 5 Assessment

Career Discovery Coaching

▶▶ Like many of your peers, are you feeling burned out? Do you wonder if there is something you would enjoy a lot more - or something where you can make a difference?

▶▶ Do you know you're not happy in your career, but can't pinpoint why?

▶▶Do you feel like you have no idea what your dream life looks like, but you desperately want to discover what it is and create plans to achieve success?


How would you like to have a job you LOVE? Only 32% of US employees report being engaged in their jobs (Gallup study – 2015).  The majority (51%) are not engaged while another 17% are actively disengaged.  That means only 3 in 10 workers are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work.  The remaining 7 in 10 are really bored or outright hate their jobs. 

Which is true for you? 

Career Transition Coaching ensures you identify the perfect career, role, and industry, so you can FLOURISH and LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE.

There is no better time than the present to gain clarity on your ideal next move.  If you’re employed but not satisfied, take the time to plan ahead.  If you’re unemployed, hit the pause button on your job search.  Why have one more job that's a bad fit when you can change things now?

What sets us apart:

  • Use of In-Depth Assessment Tools:  We use sophisticated assessment tools you won't find on the internet - our tools are only available to fewer than 100 elite coaches that have undergone extensive training.  Our clients discover the correct path forward within 5 sessions, instead of the typical 3-6 month program.

  • Exploration of Passions: We also take into consideration your dreams and passions - there is value in exploring these whether or not you can pursue them full-time right now.
  • Consideration of Realistic Constraints: When developing action plans, we will consider what is a realistic possibility, and base our final plans on what is realistic for you.


For those interested in entrepreneurship, we can add additional sessions, beyond the five for Career Transition, to brainstorm ways that you can turn your passions into income-generating activities.  Often, mid-career individuals will work with us to secure their next job, yet also work with us to start a "fun" business on the side, with the intention of maintaining the side business as an extra revenue stream during retirement.  (Note - this is an "add-on" to the Career Discovery Coaching sessions).

Personal Brand Strategy

▶▶ Do you have difficulty expressing your strengths and value to others?

▶▶ As an Entrepreneur, Consultant or Real Estate Professional, would you like to explain why you're the BEST at what you do, so you can close more business?

▶▶As a thought leader or speaker, would you like to become more influential and sought after within your field?

Rest assured, you've come to the right place.

Developing a Personal Brand will allow you to express who you are, what you do, and your value proposition - with clarity and confidence!  You will know yourself better than ever before.  This will allow you to become more influential - and even perceived as indispensable.  

The benefits of Personal Brand Coaching are as follows:

  • Learn much more about yourself, and how others perceive you, so you can develop an action plan to creating the brand you want to convey;
  • Position yourself as the premier service provider for your business, leading to increased revenue;
  • Enhance your prestigious position as a thought leader in your field, thereby landing more speaking and consulting engagements.

Our Personal Brand Offering includes the following services:

  • 360 Reach Survey - gain input from friends, family and colleague on how they perceive your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Develop an action plan to enhance your image and your brand;
  • Author your personal brand statement;
  • Create or revise your marketing materials (website copy, bio, resume, etc.) so that your value is compelling and clients want to work with you.


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