Coaching Services for Top Professionals

Career Transition Coaching

Best for those who want to make a change in their career and are unsure of the next step.

Personal Brand Coaching

Best for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, and real estate agents who want to clarify their value, leading to greater influence and impact, and closing more business.

WorkPlace Big 5 (WPB5) – Traits,
Competencies, Career Guider
Passions Exercise
Values Exercise
Reach 360 Survey
Strengths Finder 2.0
Everything DISC
5, 50- Minute Coaching Sessions
Review All Assessments
Passions Exploration
Realistic Constraints
Determining Best Fit
Custom amount of sessions based upon engagement

Custom addition of marketing materials – bio, resume, website content, thought leadership articles

4 sessions per month, 1-3 months duration
Understand traits, competencies and best fit careers
Select 1-2 best fit new directions
Understand how others perceive you
Develop a personal development plan
Create a personal branding statement
Optional: Contract with us to update your marketing materials (separate investment)
Discover my Ideal Career / Next Step now Develop my Brand now