Certified Professional Resume Writer, Professional Association of Resume Writers

As a Certified Resume Writer my slant to writing resumes is that I look for what is unique and amazing about you, and why people would want to hire you.  My resumes and LinkedIn profiles are sales and marketing documents that get noticed and get results – often immediately accelerating even stalled job searches.  


Certified Social Branding Analyst

With this innovative certification, I help clients build stellar LinkedIn profiles and use LinkedIn to expand their thought leadership, build and nurture their network, and do their job better.

360 Reach Certified Strategist

As a 360 Reach Certified Strategist, I am one of a handful of coaches authorized to administer Reach 360 surveys.  This is an instrumental tool in building my clients' personal brands, and allows for feedback from colleagues, friends, and internal co-workers.

Certified Personal Branding Strategist

Personal branding is a transformational process entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, professionals, and job seekers use to find authenticity and articulate the branded value that makes them more influential, indispensable, and incredibly happy at work.  This certification provides me with the tools to help my clients articulate their brand clearly.


Certified Job Search Strategist, The Academies

This course covers how to efficiently launch a job search to land in record time.  Coaches with this certification guide you to maximize your results while minimizing your investment of time in the job search.

Certified Employment Interview Consultant, Career Directors International

The Interview Consultant course provides training in all aspects of the interview and salary negotiation process with the most comprehensive resource on the market for up-to-date interview information.  This training gives me the tools so that I can support my clients in all aspects of the salary and negotiation process.


Certified Career Management Coach, The Academies

 The CCMC certification is a 140-hour comprehensive course covering all aspects of the career coaching process from career discovery through interviewing and salary negotiation.  This allows me to guide my clients in all aspects of career navigation from a foundation of what works in the real world.

Certified, WorkPlace Big 5 Assessments, RV Rhodes

This comprehensive assessment tool is available to fewer than 100 elite Career Coaches in the world.   It measures you on 28 personality dimensions, 54 competencies and 8 different career tests, with hundreds of pages of reports.  This is one of the most comprehensive assessment tools in existence, and our clients are amazed at the depth of insight they receive in our sessions. Plus, we can usually nail down a career direction within 5 sessions by using this tool, instead of the usual 3 months.

Certified Profiting From Your Passions Coach

This comprehensive coach training program is designed to help clients uncover their passions and develop income-producing businesses doing what they love.  This is helpful for those who are in corporate America and want to start a side business that feeds their passions.  This ensures they don’t end up with a business that drains the energy from their life.


Fundamentals of Strategic Planning, American Management Association

As a former Strategic Planning Consultant, I draw from my methodologies in working with individuals who want to create their dream life.  Corporate strategic planning involves deciding what direction to take, setting a goal, and determining how to get there.  The “Dream Life” coaching process is very similar to the corporate strategic planning process as it involves discovering dreams, setting goals, and developing a plan for how to get there. 

Academy of Competitive Intelligence, Fuld Academy

This certification ensures that each document I create makes you outshine the competition.  In today’s tough job search environment, you need every edge you can get.


•  Forbes Coaches Council, Official Member

•  National Resume Writers Association, Member

•  Professional Association of Resume Writers, Member

•  Career Directors International, Member


•  Executive Education, Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management

•  MBA, Cleveland State University

•  Master of Library Science, Kent State University

•  BS – Business Administration – Marketing, The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business