Executive Strategy Coaching


Executive Strategy Coaching

After we have helped Executives to get clear on their direction, and get noticed and hired into their dream jobs, we discovered they had a need for Executive Coaching to be successful. 

Our Executive Coaching focuses on strategy development – for branding, strategic marketing and content marketing. 

When our clients are armed with strategic insights, they are able to achieve astounding success by growing revenue and market share.

Executive Strategy Coaching ensures success for:

·        Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

·        CEO’s and C-suite Executives

·        VPs and Directors of Innovation, R&D, Marketing, Communications, Sales, Product Development, Sales Executives

·        Any leader in search of the necessary insights to be successful in their role

What We Bring to your Organization:

·        Spearhead successful sales strategies through win-loss analysis, competitor analysis and buyer insights

·        Spot new growth opportunities through Customer Insights & Trend Analysis

·        Develop strategy for content marketing / web site content / general marketing

·        Discover competitive advantage through branding and competitive intelligence

·        Launch Successful New Products

·        Create research-based Marketing Strategies, Strategic Plans and Business Plans

·        Obtain Buying Process Insights to understand buying process for customers and understand selection factors

·        Achieve warning of industry and competitive threats

Practice Areas:

Strategic Insights:

·        Buyer Insights

·        Competitor Insights

·        Win-Loss Analysis

·        Market and Industry Insights

·        Ongoing Insights – Mini-Customer Panels

Custom Market Research:

·        Primary Research – Surveys, Focus Groups, Interviews, Mystery Shopping

·        Secondary Research – analysis of markets, industries, best practices

·        Competitor Intelligence


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