Resume Process

How long does the resume process take and how does it work?

We carefully take the time to hand-craft a resume that tailors you to the types of jobs you are seeking – we therefore put a good deal of time into getting it exactly right.  Sometimes it can be accelerated into 2 weeks, yet 3 weeks tends to be the norm.  The process works as follows:

  • Strategy Discussion, deciding to work together
  • Week 1 – I’ll provide you with two exercises; personal branding and client intake.  Through this I’m trying to understand what makes you amazing, and what accomplishments you’ve had in previous positions.  You’ll want to take several hours to thoughtfully go through the exercises.  You may want to come back to it in 30-minute increments over a week or so. If exercises aren't your thing, another option is that we can go over them verbally.
  • Week 2 – We’ll hold a 60-minute review session so I can get to know the real you, and what makes you stand out.  Then I’ll disappear for about 5 days and take time to write a resume that works to sell employers on why you’d be great for the position you’re seeking.  I try to work on it for an hour or so each day and come back to it multiple times as I write best when my mind has a fresh take on your resume.  Sometimes my clients may want resumes sooner, but I try to remind them it is best not to rush the process as I want to deliver the very best possible marketing materials. 
  • Week 3 - I’ll then send you a draft to review so you can make any suggested edits.  We will go back and forth as needed.  Once we get to a “final” version, I’ll thoroughly proofread 4 times and create a Word, ASCII and PDF version.  I'll ask you to proofread and sign-off on the document as well.
  • Week 3.5 - Once we finalize the resume, I will create a LinkedIn profile summary and title for your review.  The summary may reflect parts of the resume but it will be written in first person and more like a conversational introduction.  Once you approve that, I’ll go in and edit your profile for you and then you can review and approve that.

Can’t I just write my resume myself?

You might be tempted to create or update your own resume.  While this might be a frustrating and annoying process, despite putting in your best efforts, you may end up with an average resume that doesn’t stand out from the crowd – or worse yet – perhaps the resume has a typo or two.

Does the resume you’ve written set yourself up for success?  Consider that….

In today’s competitive job market, your resume will need to stand out far and above the other thousands of individuals you may be competing against for your dream job.  Only the very highest quality resume will ensure you stand out from the masses and secure the next step – an interview.  Frankly, your resume needs to be rated in the top ten of a thousand or more to get you an interview.

In developing a resume, I’m creating a marketing document that clearly articulates your contributions, accomplishments and value proposition.  I’ll personally work with you from start to finish.

How much does a resume cost?

The resume investment will vary depending upon the length of the person’s experience and the complexity of the resume.  Generally, a resume for a new college grad will take the least amount of time and require the least investment – it is usually 1 page in length.  A Director / Manager resume will generally be two pages and require twice the effort.  A VP / General Manager is often 2-3 pages and requires a bit more effort.  Notorious professionals with a long list of speeches and publications will generally require a 4-page or more resume with as many as 10-20 pages of a CV which lists accomplishments.  The exact amount of effort and the exact investment can be determined during the initial strategy session. 


The Dream Life Team

Does meeting virtually work well? 

Yes, in fact meeting virtually is my preferred method as it allows me to listen intently and take lots of notes as I learn more about you.  I’m better able to focus on your words and capture all that you share over the telephone. 

What is the return on investment for your services?

Resume and job search marketing services will bring you a return on investment (ROI) many times over the initial investment, as they help you get a new job faster.  If you’re unemployed, finding a job one month faster will yield an ROI of $8,000 for every multiple of $100,000 in salary.

People who work with a Career Coach find jobs 15-46% faster than those who don't!  (Lee Hecht Harrison Study)

Why should I choose “The Dream Life Team”? 

As a Certified Resume Writer and former Market Research Consultant, I draw from 20 years in which my role was to identify what makes products and companies unique and amazing, and why people would want to buy them.  My slant to writing resumes is that I look for what is unique and amazing about you, and why people would want to hire you.  My resumes and LinkedIn profiles are sales and marketing documents that get results – often immediately accelerating even stalled job searches.  I write my clients' resumes - not unknown subcontractors.

I’m one of only 100 highly trained Career Coaches that are certified to give WorkPlace Big 5 assessments, providing you with unparalleled depth of insight.  I’ve studied 100s of industries and have a wide breadth of knowledge to recommend great career avenues.

With an MBA and a Master of Library Science degree, I research industries and develop targeted lists of companies.

As a Certified Job Search Strategist, and Certified Employment Interview Consultant, I assist with personal branding and help you to stand out in the interview so you land the job.

How do I pay for my services and is it a secure online site?

We use FreshBooks accounting software.  Clients are able to pay online with a credit card using a secure site. Other arrangements can be made as needed.

Career Discovery Coaching

Is the Career Discovery Coaching process just for career changers?

Ours is a comprehensive 5 session coaching program that helps individuals discover their ideal career.  Career Satisfaction Coaching might be the right fit for those who desire to:

  • Make a slight career shift – such as moving from sales to sales training
  • Make a larger career shift – such as moving from accounting to communications
  • Make the right next move - Career Discovery is just as important for those NOT planning to switch roles, as the process highlights the ideal work environment, which competencies are energizing and which are draining, and strengths and skills that will be emphasized on the resume and during interviews
  • Figure out an ideal career – when you really have no idea what you should be doing
  • Figure out a good career path / what to focus on in college (for students)

  • Select an ideal "second" or "fun" career or business (for those nearing retirement)

How long does Career Discovery Coaching take and how does it work?

Our Career Discovery Coaching process involves 5, 1-hour sessions, which can be spread out over a month or completed in as little as a week.  Those who are currently employed generally take the sessions over a 1-month period.  Unemployed persons who want to quickly ascertain the correct next direction will take the sessions over a 1-week period so as to minimize the interruption of the job search process.

Job Search Strategy Coaching

How will the Job Search Strategy Package help me?

Our holistic approach to the job search process covers a targeted job search (tapping the hidden job market), Interview Coaching and Follow-up.