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Let’s be honest.  You're here because you want to land your dream job in record-breaking time.  I'm Rebecca Bosl, and I started the Dream Life Team to offer personalized career services to Executives who want to land their dream job FAST. 

Truth be told, many clients land a job offer within four weeks. This is the result of having a resume that articulates their brand so clearly that their value is inescapable. The hiring manager is amazed and wants to connect.

Clients also meet with 10x more hiring managers as a result of having an optimized LinkedIn profile, and through launching a targeted job search. Services include:

For Jobseekers who want to land fast:


Does your resume have the format and compelling content to “wow” hiring managers?  Is your LinkedIn profile encouraging recruiters to reach out and call you?  Are you wondering why you apply to jobs and rarely get called for interviews?  Perhaps it's time for a professional makeover.  Let me create a stunning resume that generates results.

I am your only writer from start to finish for all writing projects, ensuring you receive top quality documents with red carpet treatment.

My comprehensive Job Search Strategy and Interview Coaching rounds out my Career Services Offering.  I provide everything you need to stand out from other candidates and land the offer.


For those unclear about the next step:


Are you feeling burned out in your present job? Do you wonder if there is something you would enjoy more - or something where you can make a difference?  Do you know you're unhappy in your career but can't pinpoint why?

Career Discovery Coaching ensures you identify the perfect career, role, and industry so you can flourish and live your dream life.

There is no better time than the present to gain clarity on your ideal next move, so your next job is an ideal fit.  With my comprehensive assessment tools available to only 100 coaches worldwide, clients gain clarity within 2-4 weeks. 

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Meet Rebecca Bosl

One of the nation's Top Executive Resume Writers, residing in Cleveland, Ohio, with 90% of clients across the country. One of the most highly certified career experts in the United States.

Two Master's Degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA); Master of Library Science (MLS)

Certified Resume Writer: Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW - PARW), Writing Excellence Class (NCRW)

Five Career Coaching Certifications: Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), Certified Profiting from your Passions Coach (CPPC), Certified Employment Interview Specialist (CEIS), Certified WorkPlace Big 5 Assessments (WPB5)

Three Personal Branding Certifications: Certified Reach Social Branding Strategist, 360 Reach Certified Strategist, Certified Personal Branding Strategist

Two Strategy Certifications: Strategic Planning and Competitive Intelligence


Founder: Rebecca Bosl The only Career Strategist with a 20-year background in branding. 9X Certified Career Expert  

Founder: Rebecca Bosl

The only Career Strategist with a 20-year background in branding.

9X Certified Career Expert


why work with rebecca:

▶▶ COMPELLING, BRANDED RESUMES THAT LAND OFFERS IN AS LITTLE AS FOUR WEEKS.  Your resume will be a work of art that showcases the value you bring in a visually stunning layout that "wows" the hiring manager.

▶▶ PERSONALIZED SERVICE - YOUR ONLY WRITER FROM START TO FINISH.   I am your only writer from start to finish.  I write all my resumes myself, not an unknown and potentially inexperienced subcontractor.


▶▶ NO WORKSHEETS. Sit back and relax.  No worksheets.  No 15-page forms to fill out. Just a 60-90 minute phone intake session.

▶▶ FULL SUITE OF JOB SEARCH SERVICES.  I teach you effective job search techniques like how to tap into the "hidden" job market to greatly expand your opportunities.  If you're unclear about your next step, I offer career discovery and personal brand coaching.


Ready to move your career forward?

Resume and job search marketing services bring a return on investment (ROI) many times over the initial investment, as they help you get a new job faster.  If you’re unemployed, finding a job one month faster will yield an ROI of $8,000 for every multiple of $100,000 in salary.


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A Career Coach is a Smart Investment, not a Luxury!

A Career Coach is a smart investment, not a luxury!