Step 1

Career Discovery Coaching – Exploring and defining the ideal career – this can either be done by the client through exercises and reviewed with Career Coach, or we can walk through this together.

Exercises designed to reveal career passions and previous role likes / dislikes.

Assessments through WorkPlace Big 5 – yielding info on 28 personality traits, 54 competencies, 8 career tests.

Step 2

Branding Exercises – Defining the authentic “you”; identifying greatest strengths, communicating your brand.

SMART Stories – Identifying and quantifying major accomplishments for each job; these will be used in the resume and in interviewing.

Step 3

Resume Development – a Resume will be created that highlights your strengths, showcases your accomplishments and “pops” visually – the resume will be keyword rich and have a strong summary section.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization – the LinkedIn profile will be optimized and utilize keywords to draw in recruiters.

Targeted Job Search– We provide training on how to conduct a targeted job search; then, we will provide a list of 100 companies in the desired geographic area and industry.

If desired we can research and identify the hiring manager and his or her contact information; if you’d like to do this step, we can show you how this is done; we’ll provide correspondence templates as well.

Step 4

Interviewing – We will provide training and practice for the interview process.  We will also provide templates for thank you notes. 

We will provide a template for crafting a 90-day action plan.

Step 5

Check-In – To ensure momentum continues, we offer 30-minute check-ins on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, or as often is desired.  Check-in calls can be used to answer questions and / or provide accountability.

Step 6