"Wow. - Just. Wow! In just one day I heard about the difference Rebecca made in the LinkedIn profiles and resumes of two high-power executives I knew. One had been out of work for a long time and had lost traction in his search with no interviews in many months. He scored 6 interviews the week after Rebecca updated his LinkedIn profile and resume, and was hired the next week. The other person was contacted by 4 recruiters within 2 days of Rebecca applying her magic. 

I have a solid background in desktop publishing, have been a LinkedIn Trainer for years and thought I’d seen it all. I was wrong. Rebecca’s work is the best I’ve seen - all those certifications she has make a difference - And in today’s world the importance of keyword optimization in one’s profile and resume cannot be overemphasized. It makes a difference - a huge difference - the difference between languishing in a search and scoring that interview. 

Rebecca spent a considerable chunk of time getting to know how I approached work, my values system… she even took copies of the results of some recent assessments from StrengthsFinder, DISC and iPradco. She then disappeared for a week to ‘marinate’ on it and emerged with a resume stunningly beautiful in concept with an elegant, modern format, and a fresh LinkedIn profile summary chock full of pertinent keywords. Once uploaded, my LinkedIn “Who’s Viewed My Profile” stats skyrocketed. 

If you are in search and not getting the results you want, I firmly believe Rebecca can get your search back into play and shorten search time significantly. I give Rebecca a very solid “two thumbs up.” 

Susie, Operations Manager, Resume Client, July 2016


"When I first met Rebecca, I felt like my resume was in pretty good shape - in fact, someone told me it looked perfect. Yet, I was discouraged as I was not really getting any responses or interviews from it. I shared that, in the past, I would receive jobs when people met me but not from when I turned in my resume. 

Rebecca graciously told me that even though the resume was "good", it did not "sell" me for the outgoing and energetic person that represented the "real me". She said the resume needs to read like a sales document that sells me, and not just a historical compilation of what I have done in the past. 

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical that a person could communicate my personality and unique strengths on paper, but I decided to let Rebecca take a stab at giving my resume and linkedIn profile a makeover. 

Upon receiving the final product, I was stunned by the transformation, as both my documents captured my personality and unique strengths, and came across more like a sales tool. 

I recognized that she possesses a unique talent of assessing people and using the power of language to convey a personality on paper. Subsequent to the resume overhaul I received numerous phone calls within couple of days. 

I found Rebecca to be personable and very easy to work with. I respected the fact that she will not hard sell; she shared what she could do to help and respectfully allowed me to make the decision whether or not to work with her. I found her to be bright and intuitive and she will accelerate your search towards landing the right position. She is honest with high business integrity and knows what it takes to achieve success. 

My advice to those considering working with Rebecca on a resume/ LinkedIn refresh is - don't delay! My stagnant job search immediately got moving within days of Rebecca giving my material a makeover. 

I highly recommend Rebecca for her expertise in creating resumes and LinkedIn profiles that get immediate results."

Cari, Global Project Manager, Resume Client, 2016


“I wish I had known Rebecca when I was first let go. After the resume was re-done, I was stunned. It showcased my strengths and highlighted the unique attributes I could bring as a VP of Sales. I immediately noticed that I was getting many more profile views on LinkedIn. Every day I started getting calls by recruiters, and received a job offer within 1 week." 

I was laid off from my job in November 2015. I had never really looked for a job before so I wasn’t sure what to do. I had one interview early on with a recruiting company and was then told the firm did not have a budget for the position. Over the next 6 months I had an interview here and there. 

I attended networking groups and was told to “Network!” I did not find this very effective as I found it hard to communicate what I did. 

At a networking meeting, I met Rebecca Bosl who is a Career Coach / Resume Writer / Job Search Strategist. That week, we had an initial strategy session over the phone. We talked about the challenges I faced, and she offered tailored solutions for my needs. We had a pleasant conversation and I never felt like I was pushed into anything. 

While I was clear on the new role I wanted, I had decided to work with her on re-vamping my resume and LinkedIn profile first. My old resume and LinkedIn profile communicated what I did but did not seem to make me stand out. 

After the resume was re-done, I was stunned. It showcased my strengths and highlighted the unique attributes I could bring as a VP of Sales. It was also formatted in a way that really seemed to “pop” and grab the attention of the person reading it. I was beyond pleased, and so was my wife. My reaction was, “I wish I had known Rebecca when I was first let go.” 

I immediately noticed that I was getting many more profile views on LinkedIn. Every day I started getting calls by recruiters. 

I landed a new position as Director of Sales at a company within one week, and was able to start soon after I received the offer. I am very happy in my new position. I still get calls daily from recruiters because of my new LinkedIn profile, so I have been able to refer jobs to friends. 

She is able to understand your strengths and articulate them on paper, so that you come across as a strong candidate. Also, she selects the correct keywords for your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can find you for relevant positions. 

Even if you have not had any hardly any calls for interviews, she is able to get your job search moving immediately. 

I highly recommend Rebecca for those in transition, and have referred her to others who I know who are between jobs so that they can take advantage of her capabilities."

 Tim, VP of Sales, Resume Client, 2016


"Before I started working with Rebecca for Career Discovery Coaching, I felt like I was all over the place.  Going through the process made me realize that I still like marketing.  I also think I am going to go for some certificates and training in areas I consider fun and interesting.  This whole process helped me to think through everything and make a decision – it’s been helpful to think through the options, pro’s and con’s so I can see things more clearly.  I thought I needed to change careers, but in reality, what I really need is to change companies.  I feel like I am going in a good direction now.

Rebecca and I then worked on my resume.  She was able to take my former resume and re-write my summary statement, key competencies and accomplishments to highlight my greatest strengths and accomplishments and demonstrate what I bring to an employer.  She also added formatting which enabled the summary section to pop and made the body of the resume more readable. 

Having gone through the Career Discovery Coaching and the Resume Development has given me the clarity, confidence and motivation I needed to launch a successful job search initiative.  I feel more motivated than I have in a long time.”

Jennifer, Manager, Career Discovery / Resume Client, 2016


"I loved our session today. Dreaming of a positive life is so easy to do when talking to you. You pull out what is relevant and are very good at putting it into the correct words. I am so impressed with how strong my resume is now, with your help!  I agree with you that the top summary section is very strong; I am sincerely amazed at how polished this new resume is in its presentation of my skills.” 

Melinda, Director, Resume / Job Search Client, 2016


“Rebecca worked with me polishing up my Resume and interview techniques, she worked with me showing ways to get in front of possible employers and how to approach these in the most positive way. Thank you for all you help and expertise, it has been most informative and a pleasure working with you.”

Eric, IT Professional, Resume Client 2016


"Rebecca assisted me in putting my resume together.  She really took time to understand me as a person - my dreams and career goals.  Only after she took that step did she craft a resume that truly showcased me as a person and for my accomplishments. With the end product, I was beyond satisfied.  The resume truly enables me to shine as I seek employment."

Abby, Resume Client 2015


“Rebecca was able to provide direction for me on my long-term career goals.  Although I will wait until my husband retires to launch my own business, I plan to use the next two years to prepare and acquire the necessary certifications to launch my own coaching business.  She helped me gain clarity and assisted me in putting a plan together for how to achieve my long term goals.”   

Wendy, Career Discovery Coaching Client – 2015


“Rebecca helped me to put together a resume that highlighted my diverse achievements and experience.  Through this, I came across as an experienced, well-rounded individual for the positions I was seeking.  Rebecca was also able to counsel me on the job search process and share tactics for getting my foot in the door.  I highly recommend Rebecca for anyone who needs a resume or assistance with the job search process.”

Kevin, Resume / Job Search Client, 2014


“Rebecca assisted me in the area of Career Coaching.  I truly felt like I needed to determine which direction to go in career-wise.  I was unfulfilled in my present marketing role.  Rebecca helped me to dust off my long forgotten dream of being a songwriter, and motivated me to take steps to make this dream become a reality.  If you feel like you need direction and something is missing in your life, Rebecca will definitely be able to help you pinpoint your dreams and take action to make them a reality.” – Sara, Career Discovery Coaching Client - 2010

“I needed assistance with my job search.  Rebecca wrote a resume for me that really made me stand out.  The summary and highlights section really popped.  She also assisted with the job search process, not only identifying potential employers, but how to stand out from everyone else who made it in the door for an interview.  The end result is that I landed my ideal job, two miles from home, in a matter of just four weeks.  I’m beyond pleased with my results – Rebecca will assist you with your resume, identifying potential employers, standing out from the other candidates, and getting the offer – often in a condensed timeframe.  I highly recommend Rebecca to others seeking help with a job transition.”   Mark, Resume / Job Search Client - 2005